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JPP-1 Joggler & Punch Plier Crimp Flange & Punch Head (S200)

By Hare & Forbes Machineryhouse

Order Code: S200
JPP-1 - Joggler & Punch Plier 
Crimp Flange & Punch Head
A dual function hand tool particularly useful for vehicle body and sheet metal repairs that involve joining metal pieces together.
Pressure from one side forms a shallow stepped edge so that an adjacent overlapping sheet sits flush.
The head also rotates to activate hole punch ideal for spot welding.
  • Dual head: crimp flange & punch tool
  • Fast conversion by simply turning the head
  • 1mm sheet metal capacity
  • 13mm x 22mm crimp (DxW)
  • Ø5mm hole punch
  • Spring return handle & tool head
  • Fitted with non-slip PVC gripsSpecifications:
Model: JPP-1
Product Type: Joggler & Punch Plier
Capacity: 1mm
Weight (nett): 3kg