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Sorbolene cream with 10% Glycerine from Livingstone International



Livingstone sorbolene cream comes with 10% Glycerine and Vitamin E. Livingstone Sorbolene cream is odour free. There is 500ml Sorbolene cream available in pump pack and 1 L sorbolene cream available in pump pack as well.

Sorbolene cream helps reduce the incidence of dermatitis. It prevents the staining and cracking of skin as well as helps smooth dry, rough and flaking skin.

Livingstone sorbolene cream is suitable for glove users. It protects skin from damage caused by chemical action, dry irritants, degreasing by fat solvents, and maceration by continuous immersion in water.

Sorbolene cream with 10% glycerine and vitamin E is recommended by dermatologists as and alternative to soap, particularly for sensitive skin.

Livingstone sorbolene cream is available in single packs as well as packs of 12.