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Ansell - GoldKnit™ Gloves Max 70-225

By Ansell
  • Ansell - GoldKnit™ Gloves Max 70-225

Superior mechanical protection and cut-resistance


  • Automotive & Transportation
  • Building & Construction
  • Chemical
  • Glass
  • Metal Fabrication


  • Body assembly
  • Machine tool operation
  • Sheet metals and metalwork
  • Assembly and finishing


  • Comfort and sure grip.
  • Constructed from high-tech Kevlar® para-aramid short fibers, the GoldKnit Max glove gives improved sensitivity and fit. The seamless construction avoids irritation and the use of short fibers, offer extra comfort. In addition the PVC dots on both sides of the glove provide sure/extra grip (specific models, see specifications) .
  • Exceptional cut resistance with dexterity.
  • The 100% Dupont Kevlar® construction offers a very high cut resistance to weight ratio. The use of Terry loop technique enhances heat insulation. The resulting thicker-walled glove offers high shock absorption without losing dexterity.
  • Cost effectiveness.
  • Thanks to the Neptune® coating assists the glove fibres to repel liquids, avoiding damage to the Kevlar® strands and extending glove life. The reinforced thumb welt increases abrasion resistance also adding to glove durability. The ambidextrous gloves are fully washable and can be re-used many times.