Universal Cyclindrical Grinder

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Universal Cylindrical Grinder
With PARAGON hydrostatic bearing you get guaranteed longer life, peerless grinding results
Unique 'PARAGON' hydrostatic bearing The grinding wheel spindle is equipped with unique "PARAGON" hydrostatic bearing which has been successfully developed for years. The hydrostatic bearing not only has the same features as the hydrodynamic bearing but also has the following outstanding features: no metal-to-metal friction, no overheat and no oil leakage as no oil seal is used. It makes spindle run very smooth, light, high accuracy and long lasting etc.
Hydrostatic lubrication on slideways
Hydrostatic lubrication on wheelhead and table slideways ensures consistently accuracy
Model : P
This machine provides complete fed mechanism by power or by hand for fine accuracy.
Every control and operating feature is designed for maximum simplicity and safety.
HYDRAULIC RAPID ADVANCE AND RETRACTION with cushioning at stroke end, actuated by pushbuttons, provides time saving and safe working area to load and unload the components.
AUTOMATIC INTERMITTENT INFEED is effective for diameter reduction from 0,0025mm to 0.04mm (0.0001in to 0.0016in)in traverse grinding, and its position is selective at right only, left only or both ends.
MANUAL WHEEL FEED is included to adjust position of wheelhead for initial setup and stock variations.
HANDWHEEL INFEED with positive stop is effective for handy plunge grinding in small lot production.
AUTOMATIC|C INFEED with positive stop is effective for effortless continuous plunge grinding, in conjunction with electronic spark-out timer.
Model: S
This machine provides: Manual wheel feed/Hydraulic rapid advance and retraction by handlever/Handlever infeed with positive stop for handy plunge grinding/Hand ratchet infeed for traverse grinding
Wheelhead rigidly constructed for easy setup and fine finish
Wheelhead is composed of two sections a sub-slide mounted on the Vee and flat shaped, pressure-lubricated slideways of a fixed base-a swiveling wheelhead body supported on the sub-slide. Swiveling feature ranged from 0 to 30 degrees toward workhead or footstock assures angular setting, and graduations provided at the rear side help quick and easy setup.
Grinding wheel and guard can be mounted at the right side of the wheelhead for angular grinding.
Wheelhead body can be moved back manualy by 95mm(3.7 in), providing an extra capacity for large diameter component for internal grinding.
Grinding wheel spindle, set in BEARING, is driven through vee-shaped belts by a powerful (5 hp) motor. Two grinding wheel speeds can be obtained by means of pulley change, permitting selection of suitable surface speed for wheel diameter from 355mm (14 in)to 220mm(8.7 in). The minimum grinding wheel can grind component of diameter more than 20mm {0.79 in)
  • Solid Universal Workhead
  • Precisely aligned workhead providing the solid support to assure accurate grinding results in various operations.
  • Graduated swivel base for easy swiveling up to go toward wheelhead and up to 30 degrees away from wheelhead.
  • Dynamically balanced motor to deliver adequate Power for various work diameters at all speeds. 
  • Workhead spindle speed 1 0-250RPM\.4 controlled by inverter
  • Automatic start-stop control in conjunction with automatic advance retraction of wheelhead.
  • Work inching by pushbutton to assure easy checking of component mounted between centers or on chuck.
  • Combination live and dead spindle providing quick exchangeability from centerto chuck operation or v|vice versa
Quick Acting Footstock
  • Precisely aligned footstock providing the solid support lo assure accurate grinding results.
  • Precision axial movement of center in the precisely machined sleeve.
  • Lever clamping for quick movement of footstock to the desired position along table.
  • Quick-acting retraction of center by a spring-loaded lever. Spindle can be locked at fully retracted position, so it does not readvance unexpectedly.
  • Sensitive adjustment of center position by screw at the rear end of the footstock.
  • Spring-tension adjustment by screw to get suitable center pressure for the component.
  • Double protection by covers and bellows against intrusion of coolant or dust
Swivel Table and Slide Table
Structurally rigid swivel table is arranged to swivel in counterclockwise directions by a crew-adjustment at the left end of the table. A graduated scale on the end of the slide table is calibrated in degree for approximate angular setting. A dial indicator attachment is effective or fine angular setting or taper correction in 0.01 mm or in 0.001 inch divisions. Hydraulic traverse speed is adjustable in range of 50 thru 4,000mm (2 thru '157 in) per minute, and its traverse stroke is also adjustable by positioning two dogs. Tarry time is independently adjustable at each stroke end. Both smooth reversal and fine reciprocation of min. 3 mm (0.12 in) allow oscillation grinding.
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