Radius Master Multi Station Belt Grinder

By Radius Master

Multi Station Belt Grinder for all metals, wood or plastic. 

Designed for engineers, fabricators, welders, fitters, balistrade and stainless specialists, foundries, toolmakers, rural manufacturers, mechanics, restorers, aircraft engineers, medical equipment manufacturers, sculptors, knife makers, model makers and manufacturers of many wood and plastic products. 


RM 48



1.5 kw   


Belt Size


50 x 1220

Belt Speed

3000 f.p.m

Shipping Weight


The Radius Master provides a multitude of uses selected by using an easy to operate index knob. Instantly available is a choice of contact wheel grinding, flat and   edge grinding and slack belt grinding.


Belt grinder supplied with dust proof switch and 3m lead and plug. Spark shields conveniently swivel in and out of   position for operator protection.

2 year warranty (including commerical use) with the exception of normal wear on contact wheels