Radius Master Five Contact Wheels and Work Stations

By Radius Master

The five contact wheels are brought into position by simply actuating an index knob and rotating in seconds to the desired position.

The wheel diameters are, 1” (25mm), 1½” (38mm), 2” (50mm), 3½” (89mm) & 8” (203mm). All guards swivel out of position for easy access. 

¾” (19mm) available by request.


All wheels are precision ground, highest quality polyurethane. Large wheels are 63 duro,three small wheels are 83 duro. Wheels adjacent to the platen remain in alignment when indexed.

The three small wheels are contained in a separate revolving carriage at one of the stations and are indexed by the smaller of the two knobs.

Note: Radius Master’s design provides continuous running of the small wheels.


Small wheel selection for notching and contouring

Hollow grinding and micro finishing on 8" precision ground wheel

Flat grinding on platen

3 1/2" dia. for general contouring and finishing

Slack belt grinding for rounded forms & sharpening 

Accurate tracking produces sharp corners on quick release tilting table


 The five work stations provide:–

  1. Internal, external and hollow grinding on contact wheels.
  2. Flat grinding in vertical and horizontal position
  3. Edge grinding on tool rest (tilts up 20° and down 45°)
  4. Edge profiling – an optional tilting stand and table.
  5. Slack belt grinding in horizontal and vertical positions.