TMS-Pro Food Texture Measurement System

By S I Instruments

SI Instruments - Food Technology Corporation are the manufacturers of the TMS-Pro food testing instrument.

The TMS-Pro is the latest addition to the FTC line of food testing instruments.

  • Intelligent load cells changeable in seconds

  • High force capacity in compression or tension

  • Full range of test cells, probes and fixtures available

  • Portable, simple to set up and easy to learn

  • Master and operator modes with password protection

  • Powerful yet easy to use software for your Windows PC

  • Fully programmable for unlimited test designs

  • Real time graphing and display

  • Automatic statistical calculations

When the application calls for extremely precise force, position and speed control, the TMS-Pro is unsurpassed. The TMS-Pro is an affordable alternative to high priced test systems. With a capacity of 1000 Newtons, (225 lbs.) in compression or tension, the TMS-Pro can handle the toughest applications.

The system comes complete with the Texture Lab Pro software package for Windows PCs and a 1000 Newton intelligent load cell. Of course the TMS-Pro will accept the full and expanding line of FTC test cells including the industry standard FTC Kramer Shear Cell. The TMS-Pro is backed by FTC's 40 years of food texture measurement experience, applications development and excellent customer service.

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