Pacific Data Systems Automatic Weather Station

By Pacific Data Systems

• Monitors more than 8 weather parameters
• Easy installation, low maintenance
• Multiple data recovery methods
• Solar or mains powered
• Extensive additional sensor support
• Deploy in under 6 minutes (rapid deployment version)

When monitoring the weather, what is important is the quality of the data.  Why worry about setting up, configuring, downloading etc when it can be taken care of for you?  The All-In-One Weather Station is a simple to use, professional station using modern measurement techniques to give fast, accurate updates on meteorological conditions.

Monitor Multiple Weather Parameters:

• Wind Speed
• Wind Direction
• Humidity
• Temperature
• Pressure
• Rainfall
• Hail
• Snow

Multiple power options including: solar, wind generator, batteries only and mains power. Retrieval of data from the intelligent datalogger can be achieved using 3G modem, radio modem, satellite modem.  Depending on your chosen communication method, data can be displayed via your web browser in real-time, pushed to a remote server via FTP or downloaded onsite using the built in USB drive.  The station can be deployed on a range of mast sizes or choose the rapid deployment station and have everything up and running onsite in about 6minutes.

Additional Sensor options:

• Solar Radiation
• Net Radiation
• UV-A
• UV-B
• Soil Temperature
• Grass Temperature
• Leaf temperature
• Leaf Wetness
• Soil Moisture
• Dust Level