Non-Destructive Leak Detection System

By S I Instruments

SI Instruments - SI Instruments offer a non-destructive leak detection system for rigid or flexible packaging.

This leak detection system consists of a transparent vacuum chamber combined with a user-friendly digital controller. The vacuum chamber gives 360º visibility, and allows visual pinpointing of any leak, as well as being a convenient size – internal dimensions are 400 x 300 x 220mm. The digital controller allows test routines to be pre-programmed for convenience. Additionally, the data from up to 10,000 tests can be stored for traceability. 
Testing turn around time of multiple samples can be as low as 30 seconds. The vacuum level is digitally controlled and regulated within 10mb. Even small leaks of only 10 µm can be detected.
Speed and precision are combined with simplicity and ease of use for convenience.