Mecmesin Twin Column Test Frames for Product Testing

By S I Instruments

SI Instruments - Mecmesin offer a wide range of force measurement systems depending on the level of sophistication required.

Systems range from those based on test stands and the AFG Force Gauge, up to the Imperial fully computer controlled testing system.

Systems are available for measuring force up to 2500N and torque up to 1500 Nm. All systems are simple, easy-to-use and carry the CE mark.

To ensure the best results, all systems are tailored by a S.I. representative to meet individual customer requirements.

Mecmesin has developed a range of twin column test frames for product testing.

Capacities up to 25 kN with a fully computer controlled (Windows) software package allow simple and advanced test routines to be developed by the user.

Conditional branching, looping and cyclic tests can easily be performed.

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