Welding Power Supply Units

By Applied Infrared Sensing

Inverter type welding power supply model with adopted inverter is used for extremely efficient welding. It responds to the change during welding at real time by fast feedback. The highly stabilized welding current generated by the power supply is optimal for the resistance welding of precision electronic parts.

Transistor type welding power supply model is suitable for precise welding of superfine wires and micro components.

Condenser type welding power supply model adopts a method that a large capacitance condenser charges a lot of electric energy and discharges it in a very short time. In this method, consequently, welding of a work-piece does not sustain burning or deformation as the welding time is very short. It is optimal for the small parts.

A single-phase AC type welding machine suits for welding of large parts to thick plates and copper stranded cables as it offers a wider range of welding time than an electrostatic stored energy type machine. With its low peak current it makes a little effect of dirt or stain on the surface of the work-piece. However, it is a very effective welding process when derivation of the weld spattering and burrs, that are produced especially in the weld schedule of preheating or up slope welding, cause troubles.