Technologies and Services

By Markit Graphics

The purpose of this area is to outline some of our process capabilities and technologies.

While we use these in various ways for our product manufacturing, you may have unique applications and requirements that could use these technologies and we encourage you to contact us to discuss you needs.

CNC Routing 2400 x 1800 CNC routing machine, able to cut aluminiums, plastics, including three dimensional shapes. Applications include metal backing panels.  
Laser Cutting Laser cutting of thin films using low power lasers - including papers, laser etching of materials.  
Digital Printing Large format inkjet printing  
Vacuum forming Vacuum forming of plastics such as ABS into shapes such as enclosures, brackets  
Graphic Design We have graphic designers who are able to professionally design brochures, posters, and other  
Industrial & Product Designer Our industrial designer can professionally design products, brackets  
High Pressure forning Our industrial designer can professionally design products, brackets  
Screenprinting We have both small and large format screen printing equipment  
Diecutting Diecutting uses metal ruled knives to cut shapes. Ideal for gasketing