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Tapped Spacers

By NPA Pty Ltd

Tapped spacers and male/female standoffs in Nylon, Brass, Aluminium.

Available in nylon are tapped spacers in 3mm, 3.5mm, 4mm, 5mm threads, with lengths from 5mm to 30mm. Imperial sizes also are available. Other lengths can be made to order in larger quantities. Male/Female standoffs available in 3mm & 4mm threads, 5mm to 30mm long.

Brass spacers and standoffs are nickel plated and come in a large selection of both metric and imperial sizes Aluminium spacers and standoffs are also available in metric and imperial threads.

In addition clear spacers are offered in many different materials including nylon, brass, phenolic, ceramic, p.v.c. aluminium, stainless steel, steel. a variety of finishes can be supplied.

For additional specifications and details, contact our Sales Department @ (08) 8268-2733, fax @ (08) 8268-1455, e-mail: or visit our website @