Small Mechanical Components and Magnetic Tension Control Devices

By CGB Precision Products

CGB Precision Products can offer a range of small mechanical components such as gears, couplings and belt drive systems in inch and metric sizes from PIC Design. Tension control through permanent magnetic brakes from couplings and powder clutches are avalable from Magnetic Technologies Ltd and Merobel.

PIC Design offer a range of small mechanical components including:

• Belt Drives
• Acme Lead and Ball Screws
• Timing Belts and Pulleys
• Linear Motion and Positioning Components
• Couplings, Clutches & Brakes
• Gears, Racks, Gear Heads and Speed Reducers
• Precision Stainless Steel Hardware

These small mechanical components are ideal for medical equipment and measuring instrumentation.

Magnetic Technologies Ltd offer a range of permanent magnetic clutches, brakes, couplings and bottle capping clutches, a range of powder clutches are available from Merobel that allows active web tension control. These products are suitable for tension and web control in:

• Winding and unwinding applications
• Torque limiting including bottle capping
• Clutches for slitting and rewinding applications

Magnetic Technologies also offer a range of magnetic couplings that offer:

• No physical contact between driving and driven parts
• Simplifies containment barrier
• No wearing part