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SEW-EURODRIVE 24-Hour Emergency Service


Value added service to keep you up and running!

Plant managers have long recognised that the benefits of equipment uptime far outweigh the dollar value printed on a supplier price list. When a gear drive fails or is needed in a hurry, megabucks are lost in production as every second ticks away.

That's why you are better off with SEW-EURODRIVE as they provide the most comprehensive production, service and support program in the business. Australia-wide SEW-EURODRIVE backs their commitment to keeping you up and running with millions of dollars of inventory, two large assembly plants and complete service and technical backup available around the clock. No other geared motor supplier in Australia comes close to this level of commitment. That's why if it's "Made by SEW", you know it can be serviced by SEW.

Whether your need is for repairs, service, parts, technical support, training, application engineering support, CAD support files or rapid delivery of our extensive and versatile range of products, we are contactable 24 hours a day* on the following numbers.


Call SEW-EURODRIVE after hours on 1300 36 34 32.


Contact us during business hours on the following numbers:

Victoria                   (03) 9933 1000

New South Wales     (02) 9725 9900

Queensland             (07) 3276 5100

Townsville                (07) 4779 4333

Rockhampton          (07) 4922 2116

Western Australia     (08) 9251 4900

South Australia         (08) 8161 4000

For more information on SEW's service offering click here.