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Thu Jun 20 2019

Servomotor Brakes

By Norman G. Clark

Norman G. Clark  - Manufactured by Nexen, Eclipse servo brakes have more braking force making servo applications safer with at least 20-50% more torque than competitive brakes.

These easy-to-use, flange-mounted brakes solve many of the problems associated with brakemotors.

The servo brakes are available in a variety of input and output flange/shaft combinations and have many features to increase the safety of your machines. They meet IP67 and contain no asbestos.

  • Power-off (spring set) brake for confidence in a power-loss situation.
  • High torque — able to stall servo motor. No more burning up brakes by overrunning brake with the motor.
  • Holds loads while removing or exchanging servo motor during downtime or even weekends.
  • Mix-and-match flanges match output flange of servo motor or pick the output you need.
  • Universal design allows one model to mate with many motors of the same frame size without custom building.
  • Reduces servo inventory and costs per machine up to 50%— no need to carry inventory of motors and brake motors of the same frame size.
  • Easy detachment method: Unique integral coupling design allows servo to be detached from brake without jogging motor shaft into position for coupling screw alignment. No other servo brake can do this.
  • Brake LED indicates brake status, simplifying system startup and debugging.
  • Mechanical release feature included for use in emergency situations and to move loads without energizing the system.
  • Zero backlash.
  • High torsional stiffness won’t introduce variability into encoder feedback loop.
  • Low inertia for the torque provided.
  • Designed to meet IP67 and NEMA washdown standards for use in dirty, wet environments.
  • Available in C-flange outputs for easy adaptation/mating of servo motor to non-precision gearbox.
  • Eclipse servo motor brakes are readily available — no need to order a "custom" brake motor or brake motor substitute, order a standard motor and attach a stocked brake module.
  • Pneumatic models add virtually no heat to the motor/gearbox, providing cooler operation and longer life.
  • High RPM operation — engineered and balanced for servo applications.