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Support throughout the life cycle of a machine -

CNC Design serves machines from the initial idea and concept through operation to retrofitting. The cornerstones for ensuring the availability of your machines and systems are the performance features of our on-site service, our fast and low-cost provision of spare parts and our completion of repairs – worldwide.

After all, innovative service concepts for machines offer enormous potential for optimizing life cycle costs. The cost-savings potential is not in the procurement price for new machines and systems, but, above all, in the development, engineering and operating costs.

Pre-Sales Support - Competent application support for your sector

The CNC Design portfolio encompasses the complete automation environment – from drive technology through machine control systems, including software systems and mechanical components and modules.

Our specialists know and understand the various industry sector requirements from a large number of successful projects.

They apply this experience to develop innovative ideas and user-specific machine concepts hand in hand with the machinery OEMs.

Our specialists and application support personnel accompany your projects, on-site, from the initial planning through commissioning – from the original idea up to the operational machine. In turn, they are supported from a series of Application Centres in Germany, Swiss, Italy, the US and China. Application support includes the following range of services:

  • Selecting the optimum solution packages from our product portfolio
  • Developing and providing customer-specific add-ons
  • Providing support during testing and commissioning

Productivity Improvement – seeking out and exploiting potential.

Through Productivity Improvement, it is now possible to analyse machining processes without interrupting production, providing an opportunity to seek out and exploit potentials in productivity.

With Productivity Improvement, CNC Design offers a comprehensive approach to reducing the cycle times of machine tools in the customer‘s production process. If Productivity Improvement detects unused potential, it can be leveraged in the production process at a suitable moment.

Extended Machine Contracts – ensure your system’s maximum production time.

Siemens “Extended Machine Contracts” package gives you a service contract for your machine.

The performance features of the service contract are individually tailored to your requirements and charged at a flat rate. What you get is a tailor-made solution that efficiently supports your maintenance needs.

The result: Enhanced availability of your machines. All-inclusive contractual charges give you planning security for your production and rule out cost risks.

Service from CNC Design – something you can depend on

CNC Design offers dependable service in Australasia and South East Asia to be enhanced by a worldwide service network from Siemens. From the hotline to personal service 24 hours a day, from fault elimination to spare parts provision – all our customers receive precisely the help and support that they require.

  • Available 24 hours a day / 365 days a year
  • Factory trained service specialists located near you
  • High spare parts availability
  • Low-cost replacement parts
  • Warranty service and Spare parts for all Siemens Motion Control products for your Machine Tool or Production Machine

Hotline Support via the phone

This support ranges from quick information on a simple problem up to having a qualified technician on-site for competent service. Our technical support team has a wide range of applications experience with Siemens Motion Control Products and machine technologies (both Machine Tools and Production Machines). In all our service location we have a wide range of product simulators available to simulate your situation and providing you with the technical support direct over the phone.

Siemens Warranty Support

Our service teams are approved to supply warranty support for all Siemens Motion Control products. We will assess and arrange warranty exchange parts.

Spare Parts

With an extensive spare parts stock and specialized test equipment, we are ready to meet our customer’s requirements. If you have a faulty part for a Siemens Motion Control System we are able to either supply a replacement or repair it. For non-stock item we are also be able to source them worldwide in the quickest possible way.

Siemens Servomotor Repair

CNC Design (Australia) provides a fast and reliable servomotor repair service. Repairs include:

  • Rewinds
  • Overhauls and balancing.
  • Encoder, Resolver and Tacho replacement and alignment.
  • Brake replacements and Power and Signal connector replacement.

Training – get the most out of your machine

This package is supplemented by a comprehensive training program for all of our solutions. Courses are tailored for individual target groups and customer requirements. We offer training courses for operators, programmers, design and commissioning engineers and maintenance personnel. Typically duration is from 2 to 5 days.

If you need technical support for Siemens Motion Control products contact CNC Design offices directly and ask for our technical support team.