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Seals, Engineering Plastics & Optical Fibre

By CGB Precision Products

CGB Precision Products - Seals, Engineering Plastics & Optical Fibre Connectors for Aerospace & Defence Applications.

Aerospace Seals
Greene, Tweed seals provide performance that often anticipates increasingly difficult requirements placed on state-of-the-art equipment in aerospace.
Common applications are: Primary Flying Controls, Landing Gear & Braking Systems, Engine Ancillaries, Utility/Secondary Controls.

Engineering Plastics & Composites
Lighter and stronger than many traditional aerospace materials Greene, Tweed's range of engineering plastics and are finding increasing usage in aerospace and military vehicles applications, check out their web site for the latest news. 

Optical Fibre Connectors
By utilizing our industry expertise, Greene, Tweed 's complete line of fibre optic connector products meets and exceeds today's demands for secure, reliable and environmentally protected transmissions.
Our Seal-Connect® fibre optic products completely guard fibre optic terminations from the liquids, gases and particulate that irreversibly degrade optical fibre without the need for secondary protection.
Greene, Tweed 's Seal-Connect Connectors are corrosion resistant and hermetically sealed - making them the perfect choice for applications ranging from: Towed sensors, decoys. Battlefield antenna to command posts. 
Shipboard devices and optical buses.