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Nylon Fasteners

By NPA Pty Ltd

A huge range of Nylon fasteners are available including Nuts, Bolts, Washers, Shoulder Washers, Screw Insulators, Threaded Rod, and Spacers.

Head styles of screws include:

  • Imperial slotted:- Binder, Fillister, Hex, Pan, Round, set, Grub, Thumb, Flat & Oval contersunk.
  • Imperial phillips:- Fillister. Others include Unslotted Hex, Knurled Head & Oval Head thumb screws, Socket Set, Hex Socket Cap, Binder combination head.
  • Metric: slotted:- Cheese, Hex, Oval & Flat Countersunk, Fillister, Pan, Grub & Thumb Screws.
  • Metric Phillips:- Flat & Oval Cuntersunk, Pan, Fillister. Unslotted Hex & Hex Socket Cap.
  • Imperial nuts:- Cap, Locking Cap, Knurled Thumb, Slotted Thumb, Hex Jam, Standard Hex, and Wing nuts.  Metric:- Standard Hex, Wing & Cap.

Clear Polycarbonate in Imperial threads, with Pan Slotted, Pan Phillips, Fillister Slotted and slotted Hex, are also available.

This supported by a large range of standard Flat washer, special flat washers, screw Insulators, shoulder washers, clear & threaded spacers in round or hex, male/female standoffs.

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