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Horton DriveMaster Two-Speed Fan Clutches

By Norman G. Clark

Norman G. Clark Announces:

Horton DriveMaster Two-Speed Fan Clutches

Horton DriveMaster Two-Speed Fan Clutches - a more efficient alternative for cooling on- and off-highway vehicles without ram air. Only from Horton—a world leader in fan drive technology—the DriveMaster Two-Speed Fan Drive alternates between eddy current and spring actuated cooling for precise, highly-efficient temperature control and reduced operating noise levels.

Under most operating conditions, the DriveMaster Two-Speed Fan Drive is powered by eddy current. This turns the fan at a low speed, which reduces ON/OFF cycling, operating noise, increases available horsepower for auxiliary systems, and minimises radiator abrasion from dust and debris. When additional cooling is needed, the DriveMaster Two-Speed spring actuates, and runs the fan at full input speed. By supplying additional engine cooling only when it’s needed, the DriveMaster Two-Speed delivers superior horsepower performance. Less noise. More power. Increased fuel efficiency.


  • Higher torque for larger fans and higher drive ratios
  • Up to 50% less noise
  • Reduced ON/OFF cycling at idle and/or low speed
  • Precise temperature control; ideal for vehicles with little or no ram air
  • Superior operating efficiency and performance
  • Quicker response to cooling needs
  • More available power to haul up steep inclines
  • Improved fuel efficiency
  • Less wear and maintenance; higher reliability
  • Less radiator abrasion from dust and debris
  • Faster engine warm-ups in cold weather


  • Low speed powered by magnetic eddy current
  • Spring actuated when additional cooling is needed


  • On-highway trucks
  • Buses
  • Crane trucks and other special purpose mobile equipment
  • Rear-engine cement mixers, pumps, drill rigs, etc
  • Large stationary engines, compressors, generators, etc
  • Other on- and off-highway equipment without ram air


DriveMaster two-speed Specifications


Eddy current at low speed with spring lock-up for full input speed

Horsepower range

Diesel engines up to 550HP (410kw) *

Fan blade capacity (diameter)

Application Specific

Air pressure requirements

Minimum 90psi (620.5kPa)

* Contact Norman G. Clark engineering for applications above this horsepower range.


For more information contact NORMAN.G. CLARK on (03) 9450 8200 or visit our website at