Flexible SWIR MCT camera — Xeva-2.5 (850 to 2500 nm)

By Applied Infrared Sensing

Xeva-2.5 unit is a compact digital camera, operating a HgCdTe detector array (up to 2.5 μm) with 320×256 pixel resolution. It outputs 14 bit data and comes in a 60 Hz, 100 Hz or 200Hz versions.

The camera interfaces to a PC via standard USB 2.0 or CameraLink and comes with a custom frame grabber card or can interface to standard frame grabber cards such as the NI-1428.

Having advanced thermo-mechanical design Xeva-2.5 achieves excellent performance levels using a TE4-cooled device operating down to 200K or below.

Applications — art inspection, R&D, hyperspectral imaging, semiconductor inspection, thermal imaging of hot objects (in the 200°C to 800°C range), laser beam profiling, vision enhancement (automotive or airborne applications), on-line process control, medical applications, paper pulp processing, etc.