By Norman G. Clark

Norman G. Clark - Modern aerospace technology and high technology plastics engineering combine to produce the current generation of cooling fans.

These fans provide an innovative approach to solutions for the heavy truck and transport industries.

Applications for agriculture, off road, mining and construction vehicles are also possible. These fans are made under controlled ISO conditions using closed loop process controls with CNC balancing and trim operations.

To correctly select a fan for a particular application you will need to provide the following information.

  • Number of fan blades
  • Present fan diameter
  • Maximum fan projected width
  • Spigot size
  • Is the fan a pusher or puller (blower or sucker)?
  • Is the present fan steel or plastic?
  • Is the central plate flat, dished forward or dished rearward?

Other considerations:

  • Is the noise level too high?
  • What clearance is there between the fan tip and the shroud?
  • Minimum clearance in front and behind fan is 25mm.
  • What is the maximum fan RPM?
  • What are the airflow restrictions?
  • Is the engine radiator adequately sized?