Equipment for the Wire Industry

By CGB Precision Products

CGB Precision Products - CGB can now offer: Flyer Bows for wire twisting and bunching machines, Ceramic and Carbide Eyelets, Pulleys, Magnetic powder clutches and brakes, Permanent Magnetic Brakes and Clutches

Kamatics Flyer Bows.
Kamatics experience in the aerospace industry is used to manufacture composite flyer bows that are lighter and stronger than other bows, this permits higher speeds and reduced power consumption. Kamatics can supply standard configurations or will design a bow to meet your specific requirements.

Many wire manufacturing plants today have a variety of machines from various manufacturers. Kamatics' extensive data base of existing bows for over one hundred machines and their ability to manufacture to your specific requirements, mean they can be a single point of supply for all your bow requirements.
Kamatics Clamp-On-Guide System
In 1990 Kamatics introduced a unique high-performance composite flyer bow by combining aerospace proven technology and a revolutionary tri-axial braided process.

In 2002 we introduced a new and innovative solution to wire guide attachment by incorporating bosses on the composite bow to complement the Clamp-on-Guide System.

We are excited to offer this Clamp-on-Guide System that gives the customer increased reliability and flexibility need in today’s competitive environment.

Features and Benefits:
Improved bow strength.
No guide holes.
Clamp designed to break away in event of wire failure.
Aerodynamic clamp designed to reduce noise.
Easy placements of guides on the bow mounting positions.
Guides are interchangeable on the same bow.
Guides can be added or removed on the same bow.
Customers can mount guides in desired locations to meet performance goals.
Reduce wear strip costs with slide in feature.
No wear strip bridging and easy bow installation.  
Ceramic & Carbide Eyelets.
Kamatics can offer a range of ceramic and carbide eyelets in a variety of configurations that can be used as replacements for your existing applications or with their patented "Clamp-on-Guide" system.

A low friction "bearing-less" roller is offered to reduce maintenance problems associated with dust contamination common with conventional greased ball bearings. 
Pulleys With Ceramic or Carbide Inserts.
Kamatics have introduced a range of aluminium balanced pulleys with replaceable ceramic or carbide inserts. There are currently five sizes available from 76 mm to 203mm.

Using the resources of our bearing suppliers, CGB Precision Products can offer precision bearings to enhance the balance of the pulleys and, with special features, provide extra long bearing life.
Magnetic Powder Clutches and Brakes from Merobel.
Tension Control.
Particle Clutch Brakes.
Electromagnetic & permanent magnet.
High heat dissipation.
Torques - 0.02 - 1000Nm.
Smooth torque control.
Torque independent of speed

Bearings, powder and repair kits available. 

Magnetic Technologies-Quality, Innovation, Attention To Detail

Since 1984 we have been designing and manufacturing high quality permanent magnet brakes, clutches and couplings.
These include: Permanent magnet synchronous shaft couplings.
Permanent magnet hysteresis and eddy current devices, and the accessories required for mounting our product in your system.
Some industries that we serve include: capping, wire & cable, fiber-optic, aerospace, converting, mechanical power transmission, medical, chemical pumps, mixers, and oil well applications.

Magnetic Technologies can offer a range of custom or off the shelf pay-off systems and stands incorporating their range of magnetic brakes and couplings.