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By Complete Surface Finishing (CSF Robotics)

Surface Cleaning and Surface Activations
  • Zinc surface passivation versus activation. (Proubaix Diagrams and Evans Diagrams).
  • Ingredients of cleaners and its effects upon the surface (ferrous and non-ferrous).
  • Zinc surface corrosion, attacks due to an imbalance in constituents of cleaning surfactants, (most widely used surfactant for metal cleaning are as following: Soak cleaners - sodium linear alcohol sulphonates and oxyethylated alcohol nonionics; while for Electrocleaner: are sodium linear alkyl sulphonates and fatty alcohol sulphates.
Ultrasonic Equipment and its applications.
Hydrosonic Equipment and its applications.
Pre-treatments, Pickling, etching.
Electrolytic Solutions
Copper Cyanides (Potassium and Sodium Systems).
  •  Electrode position onto Zinc die-cast surface.
  •  Troubleshooting.
  •  Treatment of excess Potassium Carbonates.
  •  Agitation systems.
  •  Current Density, Throwing Power, Epitaxy, Adhesion failures.
  •  Interpretation of Hull Cell analysis.
 Acid Copper
  •  Organic Additives and its beneficial effects; (Leveling ability, Crystalline growth.)
  •  Troubleshooting.
  •  Pitting, loss of adhesion.
  •  Treatment of the solution.
 Pyrophosphate Copper solutions. (Cu2P207*3H20).
 Zinc and Cadmium Electroplating.
 Nickel Sulfate, Nickel Sulfamate, Nickel Chloride Strike, Nickel durplex and triplex systems.
 Electrolytic Nickel Alloy: Ni/Co, Ni/W, Ni/Mo, Ni/Sn.
 Hexavalent and Trivalent Chrome Systems.
 PVD coatings.
 Electrophoretic Anodic and Cathodic Systems.
 Nano-Technology and its applications within surface finishing industries.
 Corrosion Evaluations and Analysis: Ref No 3842
  •  Neutral Salt Spray Analysis.
  •  Surface Corrosion and evaluation.
  •  Intergranular Corrosion.
  •  Galvanic Corrosions.
  •  Theory on Electroplating.
  •  Practical works of Electroplating.
  •  O.H.&S.
 Designs and Modifications
  •  Plating Lines.
  •  Tank designs
  •  Sequencing and scheduling.
  •  Automations.