Coating Technologies

By Sheetmetal Tooling Tech

Coating technology can boost tooling performance to levels far beyond that of untreated tool steels. For years, Wilson Tool has been a leader in developing innovative coatings engineered to help stampers achieve higher levels of performance. No matter what your application, we have the ideal coating to meet your specific needs.

Developed by Wilson Tool engineers in our state-ofthe-art coating facility, our revolutionary Optima coating set the industry standard for many years. Today Optima is still a great choice for most applications. With a micro hardness (HV) of 3500, Optima far exceeds the hardness levels that can be achieved with conventional tool steels and will outlast untreated tools by as much as 5-7 times.

Our premium coating, OptimaX takes our original Optima coating to the next level. This two part coating process offers all the wear resistance and hardness of Optima plus provides added lubricity and further reduces galling. OptimaX is ideal for stamping material such as aluminum as well as for forming applications.

Wilson CrN
For less demanding applications, Wilson CrN provides a 2500 HV, making it twice as hard as conventional chrome plating, and a 0.55 coefficient of friction. It is ideal for stamping materials such as plastics, copper or aluminum alloys and certain galvanized materials. Wilson CrN also improves corrosion and oxidation resistance for longer punch life.

Wilson TicMax
Wilson TicMax is a must-have coating for high volume, high tensile sheet metal applications. This CVD style coating utilizes a heat-treating and tempering process that results in dramatically longer punch life. Perfect for the stamper that wants to stamp thousands upon thousands of hits without ever changing punches.