Chain Belt Tensioners / Shock Absorbers

By Norman G. Clark

Norman G. Clark - B.D. TENSIONERS

Belts and Drives are a company who specialise in the design and manufacture of tensioning equipment.

They manufacture a range of maintenance free tensioners to suit a wide range of specifications. These tensioners have many applications, including:

  • Chain Tensioning
  • Belt Tensioning
  • Belt Scrapers
  • Guide Rollers
  • Cushion Stops
  • Motor Mounts

There are many advantages to using B.D. Tensioners. They don't need to be constantly adjusted, and furthermore they eliminate most vibrations, noisy drive systems and wear and tear on the drive system.

Accessories available for B.D. Tensioners include:

  • Sprockets to suit chain
  • V-Pulleys to suit V-belts
  • Rollers to suit round or flat belts
  • Conveyor belt scraper units
  • Motor mounts

For further information please contact our sales staff. Non-standard units can be readily quoted and manufactured to suit your particular requirements.