BSH Safety Chucks

By Norman G. Clark

Norman G. Clark - Batch Spear Holders are proudly manufactured in Australia by Norman G. Clark.

Also referred to as a safety chuck, they are suitable for use in any application where repituous winding or unwinding of any flexible material takes place. The shaft used must have square ends of a size to fit the mouth of the batch spear holder.

Complete support and drive of the roll are provided by a pair of batch spear holders. The mouth may be opened for loading or unloading only when in the uppermost position ensuring safety and speed of operation.

The mouth automatically closes and locks the shaft in place on commencement of rotation in either direction.

Advantages of BSH Safety Chucks:

  • Safety lock for maximum protection for machine and operator is guaranteed.
  • Easy and quick handling for loading and unloading.
  • Standard shaft extension available to mount Horton/Air Champ clutches and brakes.
  • Rugged construction with all wearing surfaces of hardened steel