Bearings, Seals & Rod Ends for Motor Sports

By CGB Precision Products

CGB Precision Products - Aerospace Technology for Motor Sports. Aerospace ball bearings from Barden, aerospace sealing and engineering plastics from Greene, Tweed and high performance metric spherical and rod-end bearings from Fluro-Gelenklager GmbH are now available to all levels of motor sports including sedan, rally, open wheeler and motor cycle racing

Barden High Performance Bearing Technology
Using the technology developed for aerospace industries Barden can offer extreme high performance bearings for race critical applications such as clutch release, gearbox and wheels.

With silicon nitride balls and traditional bearing or the advanced Cronidur 30 steels, Barden can offer increased life and performance.

Silicon nitride balls are 60% lighter than their steel counterparts and tribochemically inert, hybrid bearings can offer

Higher speeds, lower vibration, less heat build up, reduced ball skidding and;
Lower adhesive wear and improved lubricant life.

Clutch Release
The pedigree of Barden’s clutch release bearings has already been established, with full race qualification at a number of race teams. In response to the need for more compact clutch systems Barden has introduced a range of new clutch release bearings incorporating special features such as integral metal shields, labyrinth architecture and high temperature lubricant.

In response to teams’ requirements, Barden Product Engineering offers a design service for optimization of specialized gearbox components. Incorporation of flanges, splines as integral parts of the bearing, together with direct oil feed systems all helps to keep mass to a minimum and ensures bearings do not suffer from lubricant starvation.

Designed to accommodate the excessive radial and moment loading experienced during high-speed cornering and utilising space age technologies, Barden bearings are suited to the demands of the toughest race circuits. Available as duplex paired angular contact, Barden’s wheel bearings also offer the benefits of reduced mass compared to other, more traditional systems.