By Altro Transformers

MayTec provides a comprehensive workstation and workbench solution capability.
With a diverse range of profiles and a large number of connection combinations - virtually any solution can be achieved. Using our custom design service, we can design and provide solutions to be able to match your exacting requirements.

Whether your require workbenches for parts and process, electrical testing benches, assembly stations, test benches, gaming, inspection benches, clean room workbenches or security and monitoring stations we can accommodate your needs. In most cases we can design a tailor made solution to suit your needs.

We are able to offer workbenches with customised doors, drawers, lighting, height adjustment and benchtops to your requirements. We also offer a comprehensive range of solutions dedicated to use within clean room environments. Should you require special electrostatic discharge requirements we can also accommodate this and provide both quality and safety through to you and your final product. With our experience in this field, let us work with you to achieve your perfect end result.

For further information on MayTec workbenches or any products in the range please contact us.