Air Dryers / Purifiers

By Norman G. Clark

Norman G. Clark - The Stark Expello Air Dryer/Purifier with its advanced micro-glass fibre technology provides an extremely effective, self cleaning, long life filter. The filter automatically purges every 5 minutes, and is thermostatically controlled for year-round efficiency.

The filtering system removes 100% of all solids larger than 1 micron in size and virtually all compressor blow-by oil. The coalescing is achieved by a coil which allows the moisture contained in the compressed air to be removed.

An audible signal indicates when the filter element needs to be changed. Otherwise no maintenance is required and the accumulated moisture is dumped from the system by the regular operation of the Stark Expello valve.

The system consists of 2-parts; the Stark Expello Air Dryer/Purifier and then the Expello Valve. It has the following features:

  • Low cost maintenance
  • High C.F.M. flow rate - 36 C.F.M.!
  • Efficient oil removal
  • Efficient solids filtration
  • Consistent results
  • Small overall size - lightweight
  • One size fits all!
  • Heater options cover all voltage requirements
  • Proven efficient over time.