Speed and Length sensor ASCOspeed

By Bestech Australia

The ASCOspeed 5500 offered by Bestech Australia is a powerful speed sensor that has been developed specifically for applications in the metal processing industry. 

The production of strips and foils is characterised by increasingly large track widths and
line speeds. Applications in the areas of print media, pharmaceuticals, food processing and
the aerospace industry place stringent demands on the characteristics of the end product. Therefore, precise and reliable elongation measurement is a critical requirement for compliance
with uniform, high precision flatness.
Strips with slight differences in stretch limit must be regulated in terms of strip tension in order to
precisely maintain the range of the plastic elongation and hence the stretch limits. On the infeed side, an ASCOspeed 5500 slave unit determines the current strip speed before the stretch zone. The stretched strip is measured for speed by a second ASCOspeed working as a master unit. Due to the slight stretching, the strip is now longer and so runs slightly faster. The speed difference is a measure of the stretching of the strip and therefore also for the elongation ratio. Due to its specific capabilities, the ASCOspeed is available in a Master-Slave Version for measuring stretch coefficients. More than 15 years of practical experience and the use of state-ofthe-art semiconductor technologies mark the outstanding features of the ASCOspeed technology and provide a basis for powerful generation of speed and length measuring devices.
The ASCOspeed 5500 is a powerful speed sensor that is specifically developed for metal processing applications. The system operates according to the phasing groups method and is an
advanced development within the proven spatial frequency filter technology. The moving material surfaces are measured by using the precise grid structure of the detector and converted into an electrical frequency, which is proportional to the speed of the target object.
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