Specialist SPC Software

By M.T.I Qualos

Measurement Applications

Mitutoyo have a range of Specialist software for a broad range of applications. MData link and CalcLogger 32 extend the capabilities of MS Excel, whilst the MeasurLink range of modules provides a complete SPC solution for Total Quality Management.


  • MeasurLink is a modular suite of software that combines real-time data acquisition, on-line SPC analysis, integrated networking, and quality sharing into a comprehensive solution for your company.
  • A complete range of different modules exist that allows users to determine the level of depth that they want in a quality management system.
  • MeasurLink modules have a wide range of capabilities, and perform as a data acquisition clearing house by enabling users to connect and acquire data from virtually any measuring device.
  • Gauges can be networked to form one large quality analysis system, with the ability to provide manufacturing QC data to a variety of information users in the company.
  • MeasurLink also supports tools and gauges from most other manufacturers.
  • 90 Day FREE Trial Packages are now available for you to use, enabling you to see how the MeasurLink System can enhance your productivity and minimise defects, scrap, downtime and rework. Email for more details.