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Fri Dec 14 2018

Non Rotating Blade Micrometer - Series 422 Digimatic models

By M.T.I Qualos

Measurement Applications

Blade type non rotating anvils allow measurement in grooves, key ways and other restricted areas


  • Both anvils are hardened and lapped
  • Large LCD display
  • Imperial/Metric conversion
  • Zero setting
  • Origin setting
  • Data hold
  • Data output
  • Spindle lock
  • Frame is fitted with heat shields
  • Auto power off


0-75mm ± 3µm, 75-100mm ± 4µm

Measuring Faces

Parallelism -

0.00012 inches/3µm for models up to 2 inches/50mm

(3+L/100)µm (0.00012+0.00004 L/4 inches) for models over 2 inches/50mm. L= maximum measuring length