Protective Barriers

MayTec extrusions form the basis of all our purpose built enclosures or modular guarding panels.

Panels can be supplied in standard sizes or where more complex structures are required, we can either build to your specification or offer a complete service where we undertake a site visit to discuss your requirements and produce a solution in the form of a quotation outlining our proposal.

Where standard fencing or perimeter guarding is required we have a standard range of mesh panels, posts and panel attachments allowing quick and easy assembly of modular sections.

MayTec’s deep slot profile can be used to fabricate safety barriers of various types, where mesh up to 3.5mm is required for the job.

There are also slots that allow for 4mm panel to be inserted.

Should the enclosures be required to stand up to the sun, wind, rain, dust and chemicals, profile is the answer.

If you have a job that needs to cope with the day by day punishment of repeated and constant use by the operators as well as looking smart, MayTec profile will fit the bill. Quick and easy replacement as well as having parts on hand mean low down times and stoppages for damage.

With MayTec’s ability to custom design to almost any specification, solutions can be quickly engineered utilising the advantages of our profiles.

  • Wide range of configurations and options available
  • Short manufacture and delivery times
  • Light weight and strong
  • Quick and easy assembly
  • Fast replacement of parts
  • Can be custom built to exacting requirements