Clean-Room Systems

MayTec Clean Room system has additional plain profiles complemented by installation accessories including radius covers and domed cover plugs which help to eliminate dirt traps
MayTec, through its Australian based operation, MayTec Australia has enlarged its range with new components enhancing the use of the Profile system.
The new products allow access to new markets where high sterility standards are required.
This new offering is based around the standard connection system enabling fast and simple assembly while guaranteeing the highest stability.
The use of the aluminium profile for a structural frame leads itself into multiple applications, but  is especiallu suited towards towards applications in the pharmaceutical industry and also the optical industry, medical technology and food industry".
One key advantage the aluminium structure has over a welded and traditionally built structures is that it does not require any painting or finishing, is very clean and aesthetically pleasing to the eye. 
It is feasible that almost any structure could be assembled using the MayTec Clean Room system. Whether it be specifying all the elements in your project, from drawings through to parts lists, let us make this process hassle free for you.