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Suction Pads / Vacuum Cups - Flat Suction Pads SHFN

By Millsom Hoists

Suction pads are used wherever objects (parts, packing materials etc.) need to be lifted, transported, turned over or handled in some other manner.

A basic distinction is made between the following types of suction pads:

  • Flat suction pads
  • Bellows suction pads
  • Grippers which operate on special principles

Highlights of Suction Pads - Flat Suction Pads SHFN:

  • Soft sealing lip
  • Sealing lip with inner sealing edge
  • Specially structured inner side of pad
  • Optionally available with dirt filter and foam-rubber insert

Advantages of Suction Pads - Flat Suction Pads SHFN:

  • Optimum adaptation to workpieces with uneven surfaces
  • Very good sealing on rough surfaces
  • Suitable for very dynamic motions and short cycle times
  • Optimum adaptation to specific applications (such as dusty surroundings or very rough surfaces)

Applications of Suction Pads - Flat Suction Pads SHFN:

  • Handling of furniture components, parquet, laminated and unlaminated chipboards, etc.
  • Handling of rough wooden parts

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