Conveyor Systems

By Altro Transformers

MayTec modular conveyor systems are one of the best engineered and manufactured solutions for light and medium weight material handling applications in today's market.

MayTec have combined numerous facets of current conveyor technology and produced a simple, robust and extremely flexible concept to tackle most of industry’s demands.

With a range of different profile sizes, belt & drive combinations the modular conveyor system can be quickly assembled, easily maintained and parts recycled when different conveyor configurations are required, making it very cost effective. Using recognized motor/gearbox units such as SEW and Bonfiglioli, a unique patented flange design allows quick assembly of the unit to the conveyor drive.

Simple handling, reliable technology, and solid construction guarantee the problem free operation and long life of the system. Along with the huge range of standard sizes and designs, special sizes and custom designs are available on request. Belt material, drive type and profile design can be combined in any number of combinations to best suit the application.

For self-assembly, individual components and assemblies can be delivered along with parts lists and assembly instructions as required. MayTec offers a conveyor system for rapid implementation and short delivery times.

A wide variety of configurations available to suit your requirements.

* Conveyors can be manufactured from a small 30x30 profile up to 30x150 in height.
* Minimum size – 100mm width and 300mm axle distance.
* Maximum – 1000mm width and 12000mm axle distance (single conveyor).
* PVC, plastic link, metal link and food grade belt options.
* Enclosed motors for enhanced OH & S.