Bushranger Bits

By Specialised Force Pty Ltd

Bushranger Impact Wood Auger Bits are manufactured to the highest standard for long life in the toughest environments. All bits in the large range of sizes available are manufactured with a 7/16" hex shank for use in impact wrench quick change chucks and keyed chucks. 


8mm x 200mm STMSF808 X 200
10mm x 200mm STMSF810 X 200
11mm x 225mm STMSF811 X 225
12mm x 225mm STMSF812 X 225
12mm x 457mm STMSF812 X 457
14mm x 225mm STMSF814 X 225
14mm x 457mm STMSF814 X 457
14mm x 600mm STMSF814 X 600
16mm x 225mm STMSF816 X 225
16mm x 457mm STMSF816 X 457
16mm x 600mm STMSF816 X 600
18mm x 225mm STMSF818 X 225
18mm x 457mm STMSF818 X 457
18mm x 600mm STMSF818 X 600
19mm x 600mm STMSF819 X 600
20mm x 225mm STMSF820 X 225
20mm x 457mm STMSF820 X 457
20mm x 600mm STMSF820 X 600
22mm x 225mm STMSF822 X 225
22mm x 457mm STMSF822 X 457
22mm x 600mm STMSF822 X 600
24mm x 600mm STMSF824 X 600
25mm x 457mm STMSF825 X 457
25mm x 600mm STMSF825 X 600
26mm x 225mm STMSF826 X 225
26mm x 457mm STMSF826 X 457
29mm x 457mm STMSF829 X 457
29mm x 600mm STMSF829 X 600
32mm x 600mm STMSF832 X 600



Why Buy Bushranger?
Designed especially for Australian hardwood poles.
Used by major Australian utilities.
Ideal for power poles, bridges, wharfs.
Manufactured from 4140 high alloy steel.
Individually packaged in plastic protection tube.
Vigorously tested under Australian conditions.
Can be resharpened.
Also available carbide-tipped at extra cost.
Finest bits available today.