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ARM Wire Rope Cutter

By Specialised Force Pty Ltd

Specialised Force are the Authorised Australian Distributor for the Arm range of bolt cutters, wire rope cutters, cable cutters and swagers from Japan. Arm Wire Rope Cutters are high quality cutters available in a wide range of cutting capacities.

Manual RC Type Wire Rope Cutters:


Model Number Length Cutting Capacity Nett Weight
RC-8 195mm 5mm 0.31 kg
RC-450 470mm 12mm 1.5 kg
RC-800 800mm 16mm 3.9 kg


WR Type Wire Rope Cutters also available: 


Model Number Length Cutting Capacity Nett Weight
WR-6 350mm 6mm 0.91 kg
WR-10 590mm 10mm 2.3 kg
WR-14 750mm 14mm 3.6 kg
WR-16 900mm 16mm 5.3 kg
WR-20 1066mm 20mm 8.2 kg


Manual WR-10BB Bench Mounted Wire Rope Cutters also available, 

WR-10BB 540mm 10mm 5.0 kg