Fume Extraction - Advantage 1500 & 4000 Series

By Raymax Lasers

Raymax offers a range of fume extraction products specifically designed and engineered to remove Laser Generated particles in the atmosphere around the area of work.

The laser fume extraction systems have been designed and manufactured by air pollution control specialists, with the close collaboration of the worlds leading laser manufacturers.

The Advantage 1500 & 4000 units have been designed for mass air flow laser fume elimination systems. The Advantage 1500 & 4000 incorporates BOFA's unique deep pleat pre filter technology offering 19 square metres of surface area. This system is ideal for high laser use or heavily contaminated air particle removal.

Unit Options

  • 24v Stop/Start via the laser
  • IP56 Enclosure
  • VOC Indicator
  • Dual Voltage / Frequency
  • Corrosion proof enclosure
  • Filter blocked signal
  • System failure signal
  • HCI Monitoring