By Norman G. Clark


For over two decades, Miner Elastomer Products Corporation (MEPC) has supplied the global industrial marketplace with quality manufactured TecsPak® thermoplastic elastomer energy management systems. We serve many markets including Automotive, Transportation, Mining, Appliance, Sporting Goods/Exercise Equipment and Energy Management/Shock Absorption Applications..

TecsPak® equipped products have been proven to far outlast comparable products made of rubber, urethane, or steel - and can operate under an extremely wide temperature range. TecsPak® is relatively inert and resists exposure to dust, oils, hydraulic fluids, and gasoline. With TecsPak®, you are assured of improved performance and productivity. Let our design engineers demonstrate how TecsPak® will work for your applications

Haul Truck Suspension Struts
Miner Elastomer Products has a large selection of TecsPak® haul truck complete suspension struts and replacement suspension packa (RMC). TecsPak® suspension packages are designed to handle severe loads in all environments. TecsPak® suspensions are virtually maintenance free. No gas or oil to monitor. TecsPak® suspension reducestruck down-time due to maintenancef or strut failure, ride height adjustment, tirewear, and frame! weldment breakage due to over loading.
TecsPak General Bumpers
TecsPak® General Bumpers are highly engineered elastomeric products designed to absorb more energy per unit of weight and volume than most known materials. TecsPak® bumpers are ideal for energy management problems involving shock isolation, vibration isolation, shock absorbers and return springs. Significantly out-performing rubber, urethane and coiled steel springs.
Agruculture Pad Applications
Miner Elastomer Products has developed TecsPak® solutions for the agricultural arena. TecsPak® is perfectly suited for harsh environment applications. TecsPak® pads are virtually maintenance free and are impervious to most chemicals and greases. TecsPak® pads are inert so they do not delaminate, dry rot, or flake apart. Contact us today with your application requirements.
Crowd Cushion Assemblies
Miner Elastomer Products offersa large line of TecsPak® shovel components designed to improve performance, reduce downtime due to cable breakages, and increase shovel output. Our TecsPak® CrowdCushions absorb the shovel impact resulting in longer cable life allowing for maximum shovel-to-wall penetration.