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Sat May 25 2019

Mouser Drums

By CCR Plascon

CCR Plascon is a leading provider of reconditioned 200lt PE containers. As an approved recycler of plastic containers, CCR Plascon offers containers to the food and chemical industry as well as farmers, hobbyist and nurseries who need containers to use as pot for small trees, bins for animal feed and water, compost storage etc.

All our containers are thoroughly washed, decontaminated and leak tested and they represent excellent value in comparison to new. As a general rule, we do not recycle containers which have been used for pesticide or herbicides and we can provide Dangerous goods rated units with or without vented caps.


Blue Mouser Drum 200lt food grade $30.00
Blue Mouser Drum 200lt Non DG $25.00
Blue Mouser Drum 200lt DG $25.00
Half container $15.00
New vented caps $7.50