Hegwein: Gas/Oil fired Igniters

By Saacke Australia Pty Ltd
  • Hegwein: Gas/Oil fired Igniters

Compact design with integrated ignition transformer and flame monitor/burner control

  • Built-in flame ionization electrode, ideally located
  • No high-voltage cable required on site
  • Guaranteed electromagnetic compatibility
  • Rugged, low-maintenance design
  • Sizes ranging from 2 kW to 10 MW (7,000 BTU/hr to 35,000,000 BTU/hr)
  • Custom tube lengths available in 10-mm increments
  • Fuel types include natural gas, conditioned coke oven gas, propane/butane or process gas, according to customer preference and analysis
  • Extremely tight and long pilot flame - no automatic retraction system typically required
  • Class 1, 2 or 3 igniters according to NFPA also available
  • Also available with flexible igniter tube for tilting burners