Die Casting: Holding Furnace

By Furnace Engineering

Furnace Engineering manufactures the Aluminium Bale Out Holding Furnaces which provide energy efficient and high metal quality to the aluminium diecasting plant.

The furnaces are lined with high grade non-wetting refractory with low mass insulation resulting in low energy consumption. No crucible is required and the refractory lining has long life.

The SiC electric resistance elements in the roof of the furnace ensure uniform temperature in the melt. SCR controls provide constant power input over the life of the SiC elements.

A swing-in launder allows easy filling of liquid metal through the large access door. This door also provides easy access to bath cleaning.

Technical Data:

Holding Capacity

Rated Power

Energy Consumption

Bale Out Well


24 kW

5-8 kW

450 x 450mm


27 kW

7-10 kW

450 x 450mm


33 kW

10-13 kW

500 x 500mm