Die Casting: Dosing Furnace


Furnace Engineering partnering with Striko Westofen offers the Westomat Aluminium Dosing Furnace to aluminium diecastors.

The Westomat® ProDos® DPC is a crucible-free and fully-automatic dosing furnace for supplying metal to diecasting machines. In the transfer of metal to the diecast, pressure is built up in the furnace chamber and the molten metal is raised to the riser tube. The metal then flows over the pouring rim to the filling chamber. When the quantity is reached, the pressure is reduced, terminating the dosing procedure.

ProDos® DPC - Diecasting Precision Control

The precision & intelligent dosing control unit continuously analyses the processes of the diecasting machine in the background and adapts the dosing sequence of the dosing furnace to the production cycle.

The microprocessor in the control unit controls, regulates, operates and displays the entire dosing process. It is equipped with an interface for remote diagnostics and can be connected to a PC for data analysis.

The control unit is operated via a large keyboard suitable for use in the foundry. The display shows all relevant process data permanently as progress bars or time diagrams. The standard dosing programs are pre-loaded in the control unit to aid setting optimised processes.

TopStop® Position - always ready

The TopStop® position is a special variant in the dosing process.

Metal is held just below the top of the riser tube at all times - meaning permanent dosing readiness. Interruptions in the production of the DCM or variations in the cycle time therefore do not cause additional delays resulting in increased productivity.

Refractory Lining - power saving and durable

The use of top-quality refractory materials guarantees optimal insulation. The power consumption of the Westomat® furnace is approximately 50% of comparable bale-out furnace system.

The refractory materials used are very durable. The quality selected is dependent on the melt alloys. The material quality and internal shape of the furnace lining ensure easy furnace cleaning.

Key Features:

  • Trouble-free integration in any diecasting cell
  • Long refill intervals due to a high capacity
  • Continuous dosing cycle during refilling
  • Rapid cycle sequences due to automatic optimisation of dosing
  • Increased productivity of the casting cell due to Top-Stop-Position®
  • Long service life of the refractory material (+10 years)