Burn Off Furnaces: Motor Rewind

By Furnace Engineering

Furnace Engineering manufactures (PCP) Burn-Off Furnaces for stripping electric motor stators, armatures, transformers & field coils without damaging the base metal.

It is designed to clean stator with any insulations, random wound or formed coils, vacuum pressure impregnated, pour-on thick cast, dip and bake, or conventional epoxy or polyester varnishes. The cleaning process complies with the Motor Rewind Standards.

Key benefits:

  • Eliminates the use of dangerous chemical cleaning agents 
    (acid, caustic baths and flammable chemical solvents)
  • No hazardous chemical handling or costly waste disposal
  • The cleaning process is completely automatic and the process is labour efficient
  • Furnace is completely constructed and tested at the factory to reduce site installation time and costs
  • Furnace is equipped with water-spray system for smoke emission and over-heat control
  • No damage to parent metal when compared to mechanical cleaning processes that use scrapers, wire brushes, drills or blow torches
  • Efficient incineration of smoke and gases during cleaning
  • Pollution free - heat process removal of thermal degradable coatings or organic materials from metal parts
  • Recorder (printed charts) provides evidence of work done
  • Unique microprocessor control system with touch-screen interface for easy control setting and diagnostic review functions

The Environmental Cleaning Method  


 The furnace interior is constructed using heavy gauge sheet metal, reinforced with beams for rigidity and strength. Joints are welded and seams sealed maximum heat efficiency and reduced energy cost.


The floor is constructed with hard cast refractory, 75mm thick and reinforced with structural steel channels for easy removal of any residual ashes.


Doors are equipped with cam type lock assemblies and tadpole sealing gaskets. Access to the furnace is via swing aside door(s) located at one end of the work chamber and provide full access to the oven interior.


Our furnace is equipped with a unique gravity sealed top relief which automatically opens to relieve excessive pressure.

The conventional spring latched front doors or blow out panels traditionally used for explosion relief is not ideal because the materials inside will burn out of control once the relief is opened,


Walls, ceilings and doors are sandwiched with 75mm light-weight ceramic fibre blanket insulation anchored with stainless steel pins, stainless wire mesh, and stainless locking washers. It is asbestos free and has superior properties to either asbestos or fibreglass. The end result is a much lighter furnace with higher energy efficiency rating.


The vent is made into 900mm long lightweight sections for easy installation. It is constructed with stainless steel exterior and lined with high temperature ceramic fibre inside. Sections join by snapping together.


Furnace manufactures three different models to best handle your cleaning and stripping jobs from 2% - 50% combustible content.


Our furnace operates of either Natural Gas, Propane Gas or Fuel Oil.


240 volts, 50Hz, single phase, 5 Amp draw.
Optional - transformers available for other voltages.


Minimum pressure 40 PSI: maximum 100 PSI for water injection system.
Maximum flow rate is 1.2 litres per minute.


30 minutes to 4 hours plus cooling time.


Typically set between 300°C & 480°C.


Complies with strict environmental regulations


Complies with OHSA regulations.