Side Shift Drum De-Palletiser

By Sitecraft


Patented Side-Shift allows drums to be picked up and placed anywhere on a pallet.

This side shift de-palletiser’s unique versatility means no more moving drums by hand. It can handle drums on and off pallets or bunds from any position.

Safe: The operator only requires 12Kg of force on the handle to lift 300Kg.

Efficient: Two speed hydraulics ensure de-palletising is done quickly.

Versatile: Access is from the front so all pallets and bunds can be stored against a wall.


Model 6201209 Specifications


  • Maximum SWL (kg): 350
  • Overall height (mm): 1320
  • Pallet height (mm): 150/300
  • Overall length (mm): 950
  • Overall width (mm): 1620
  • Maximum lift height (mm): 575




  • Ergonomic control handle for simple one man operation. Features 2-speed hydraulic operation.
  • Fully adjustable grab beak allows lifting of almost all types of drums. Shown above lifting a 205 litre steel drum.
  • Lifter will accommodate most types of modern plastic drums.