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Light Duty Goods Lift


Light Weight Freight/Goods Hoist

The Light Capacity Mezzanine Lift Model: 250.2                      


  • A Modular Mezzanine lifter
  • Designed for low cost installation
  • Lifter free standing to be fixed to floor
  • 2 Stage lift mast allows plug in and operate as there is no assembly of the lift mast or vertical tracks
  • The lifter is easy to install under / or adjacent to mezzanine floor

Safety Enclosure:

  • Available with or without external safety enclosure
  • Cladding is expanded mesh
  • Can be supplied as lifter only for installation unguarded for customer built housing
  • Lower enclosure only
  • 2 Stage mast lifter is not dependent on upper level structure to support mast or lift tracks
  • Upper level enclosure can be installed on top of the lifter viaadjustable, between floor supports and cladding panels
  • The upper enclosure can be free standing installed on mezzanine floor

Load Carriage:

  • Lift carriage can be to customer requirement
  • Standard size 800mm x 900mm
  • Gate access 760mm x 860mm

Cage Gate Option

  1. Full height 1970mm access
    Slide opening gates on I side or front
    Customer to choose access direction options
  2. Low height cage 800mm
    Allows loading of items over top of cage
    800mm High swinging gates
    Half height drop down gates are optional

Install Height:

  • Lift free standing height 2200mm

Lift Height:

  • Minimum 2200mm - Maximum lift 3200mm
  • Height limit is set by location of limit switch stop at upper floor


  • 250Kg

Lift Options:

  • Manual hand winch Lift    
  • 12v Dc Electric Hydraulic lift with Sealed battery & batteryncharger
  • 240v Ac Electric hydraulic lift


  • Push button controls installed at lower level
  • Push button momentarily to activate lift, lift stops automatically at destination
  • Emergency stop button installed on panel
  • Upper level controls can be supplied installed on lifter safety cage
  • Or on lead for installation remote from lifter
  • Electric and mechanical safety interlocks installed
  • Access is prevented unless lift carriage is at that station
  • Lift will not operate unless doors are fully closed
  • Anti fall locking are not fitted
  • Lift is for goods lift only – lifting of persons is prohibited


  • The standard lift foot print is 1180mm pallet size x height 2360mm
  • Shipping weight estimated 250kg