ActiLift Quikstak

By Actisafe
  • ActiLift Quikstak

Turn those injury claims into dollars saved, happier staff and safer working protocol.

Actisafe’s “Smart Stacker” automatically height-adjusts as you load or unload your product,thus keeping the work height at your set position for maximum comfort and productivity. The inbuilt adjustable height sensor will adjust at the pre-determined height, whether it is loaded with pallet goods, bottles or large sheet material. You even have the option of built-in digital scales so you can calculate your exact product weight as you work.

Model Capacity (kg) Lift Height (mm) Electric Drive
ALS1010 1000 1000 Optional
ALS1210 1000 1250 Optional
ALS1510 1000 1500 Optional
ALS1810  1000 1800 Optional
ALS2010 1000 2000 Optional
ALS2410 1000 2400 Optional
ALS1015 1500 1000 Optional
ALS1215 1500 1250 Optional
ALS1125 1500 1500 Optional
ALS1010 2500 1100 Optional
ALS1225 2500 1200 Optional