Powerlifter CHD-Series Heavy Duty Legless Stacker

By Powerlift Material Handling

Standards Features included:

  • Advanced SepEx 24V DC Drive Motor with sealed bearings, heavy duty commutator and stainless steel brush holders provides a powerful traction control system.
  • Super Quiet ZF Direct Drive Transmission with large roller bearing is oiled for life.
  • SepEx control system provides smooth acceleration and energy saving dynamic braking.
  • The drive motor, transmission, brakes and drive wheel are all controlled by the new DURA Control Handle.
  • The complete Drive and Steering system is securely mounted within the all steel truck chassis for maximum protection.
  • The all new “Brilliant by Design” chassis incorporates the very latest Laser Lock technology. Cut from Australian steel by computer generated Laser beams the interlocking design concept produces a superior strength Chassis.
  • Heavy gauge steel plate is used throughout the chassis for added strength and rigidity. Mast structure is mounted to the chassis with Large diameter pivot shaft and tilt cylinder pivot pins
  • Special I Beam Mast Section provides strength and rigidity.
  • VTC Hydraulics (Variable Total Control) gives infinitely
  • Variable control of lift, tilt and other functions when equipped.
  • Full System filtration is provided on the input side of the lift pump to prevent contaminants from entering the hydraulic system.
  • Built in relief valve protects the system from overloads.
  • 24V system powered by either a 290AH or 511AH Traction Battery.
  • The Curtis SepEx transistorised programmable Control System with Multimode allows infinite control of all machine functions. Multimode allows parameters for acceleration, deceleration and current limits to be set for both operating modes.
  • Certified to operate from tropical to cold room conditions
  • Dynamic Braking
  • Power Steering
  • Clear view mast
  • Belly button reversing switch
  • Ergonomic DURA full function control handle
  • Ergonomically safe butterfly type speed controls
  • Deadman braking applies brake and cuts power
  • Wrap around hand guards
  • Emergency power disconnect
  • Key lock safety ignition
  • Electronic overload protection
  • Hydraulic overload protection
  • Automatic high speed cutout when forks are raised above 1800mm
  • Easily accessible Low speed select switch
  • Multi function diagnostic gauge with lift lockout